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We are pleased to announce the launch of our report into the findings of the initial survey.

Launched on Friday to local and the wider press, the report gives a background on the issue and analysis of the survey responses received up to publication date. We view this as an ongoing process and we will update the report later in the year as and when new data is received.

Going forward, we see this report as the basis to lobby the involved parties to engage with us to explore what are the pragmatic solutions to help alleviate the road noise. In the meantime, your voice really does count so please feel free to comment on any aspect of the findings via this website.

Download the report here.A419 NAG Report July 2014

We are pleased to confirm that we will be releasing a report of our survey findings on Friday 11th July.

Both print and radio news reporters are attending the official launch so look and listen out for articles over the coming days. The report itself will be available to download from this website on Monday 14th.

Once the report has gained wider circulation and both residents and businesses have had time to digest the content, we will be looking to lobby influencers and key stakeholders. We hope this will be the beginning of finding a solution to this ongoing problem.

In the meantime, should you know of anyone who has yet to complete the survey please do encourage them to do so – it will remain ‘live’ for the near future.