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A chance to ‘turn down the road noise’ – Take it now!

There is a chance to tell Highways England that you want the concrete stretch of road (between Daglingworth and Latton) changed so that it doesn’t howl morning, noon and night disputing sleep, our ability to concentrate, enjoyment of outside spaces and creates anxiety and stress. The A419 Noise Action Group have been working on this for some years now.

The opportunity comes with the ‘Missing Link’ road improvement scheme which is now the subject of a second public consultation.

The ‘Missing Link’ aims to change the road at Birdlip and Air Balloon to a dual carriageway route.  This will be a fast and very busy road linking the M4 and M5.  Estimations are that this will double the traffic and vehicles will travel at speed with no roundabouts or turnings to slow it.  For safety sake, reduction in air pollution and for economic reasons this is a great improvement BUT it will mean higher noise levels in our area unless the concrete stretch is changed.

This is where you can help.  Highways England are listening to how the ‘Missing Link’ affects the wider road network and people living alongside.  The A419 Noise Action Group successfully used the first consultation to register the excessive road noise at the Cirencester bypass and a need for change and this is in the Highways England report. 

This second consultation opportunity is then critical to again press the case.

You can tell them (easily and quickly) that they need to consider the Cirencester by pass and reduce noise pollution here at Latton. 

Members of the A419 Noise Action Group have attended all the recent public consultation events and have lobbied Highways England at these and given our case now we need as many people as possible to give a view to get change. 

We have all the parish councils, town, district and local authorities in the area making this case.  Please join them and give your views.

It will make a real difference.

How you can help get the excessive road noise reduced in our area.

Visit the Highways England website and consultation for ways to have a say.  There is on line and email address and freepost.   


Points to make (at question 6)

We support the improvements being proposed and endorse the A417 Missing Link proposal but wish to reiterate this particular finding from your first consultation undertaken in early 2018:


At that time many people raised with you the issue of noise pollution along other stretches of the A419/17.

In particular the concrete sections between Latton and Daglingworth where evidence exists that excessive noise pollution has been experienced by residents since the road was built.


You need to consider the 24 hour nature of the current and expected traffic along the A419/17, especially your projected increases in heavy goods vehicles and therefore how you will mitigate the noise pollution. Noise mitigation is required along these stretches of the dual carriageway.

The consultation runs until November 8th midnight

Visit our website for further information and get in touch




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Campaigning to resurface the concrete section of the A417/A419

Since the completion of the A417/A419 Latton to Cirencester by-pass, people living along this section of the road have suffered excessive noise pollution. This massively disruptive problem to everyday life is caused not just by the sheer weight of traffic but by the surface used – concrete.

At the time of its construction the estimates for noise generated by the road were far below what we now experience. The decision to use concrete, rather than more environmentally friendly asphalt, was based on cost benefits and the payback is that it has brought misery to thousands living along this stretch of the road. This problem is affecting people’s health, enjoyment of their homes and local businesses are also feeling the impact.

We believe that all who suffer the horrible consequence of this miscalculation deserve to be given the road they were promised. This can be achieved by resurfacing the concrete with a quieter, more suitable material.

You can learn more about the campaign and the results of a recent survey by downloading our report A419 NAG Report July 2014  And if you haven’t already done so please complete the survey as we will update the report with the latest statistics in the near future.