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Campaigning to resurface the concrete section of the A417/A419



Since the completion of the A417/A419 Latton to Cirencester by-pass, people living along this section of the road have suffered excessive noise pollution. This massively disruptive problem to everyday life is caused not just by the sheer weight of traffic but by the surface used – concrete.

At the time of its construction the estimates for noise generated by the road were far below what we now experience. The decision to use concrete, rather than more environmentally friendly asphalt, was based on cost benefits and the payback is that it has brought misery to thousands living along this stretch of the road. This problem is affecting people’s health, enjoyment of their homes and local businesses are also feeling the impact.

We believe that all who suffer the horrible consequence of this miscalculation deserve to be given the road they were promised. This can be achieved by resurfacing the concrete with a quieter and more suitable material.

We invite you to join the campaign and help us realise what was promised.

A great (and essential) way to contribute is by encouraging everyone to complete our survey here.